Six Challenges for Life, Business, and Yoga




Since the launch of this website, I have had the privilege of interviewing a social media strategist, a graphic designer, two founders of a fitness movement, an ethical clothing designer, a yoga photographer, and the creator of a yoga camp. These entrepreneurs have been generous enough to share their tips for being an effective yogi-in-business, and this year I’m going to take myself seriously (or not-so-seriously) enough to follow through on some of the advice they’ve given us.


I’m accepting these 6 challenges for life, business, and yoga, inspired by my 2015 interviews, and I invite you to participate too; Leave your name and commitments in the comments below and let’s tackle our fears together!


Challenge: Experiment with new social media tools, and try Periscope (at least once).

“Teach a free 20 minute yoga class on Periscope one night, give some yoga tips, teach people how to do crow in “10 minutes” and then you can always post the Periscope to your other social accounts (or website).”


Morgan Dunn, Digital Media Strategist at Straya Social



Challenge: Don’t shy away from things that are scary, just because they’re scary.

“If you’re not scared of something, you don’t care enough about it.”


Jonathan La Greca, Co-Founder of NatureFit



Challenge: Use yoga photography to express who I am in the moment (not who I “should” be or what I “should” look like).

“Be OK with imperfections. With Instagram and various media, it’s easy to both be inspired and discouraged by a ton of beautiful imagery of the perfect pose during a sunset on a beach…Express who you are in the moment, because that is what sharing images of your practice is all about.”


Tony Felgueiras, Yoga Photographer



Challenge: Finish my yoga teaching website and get my brand organized online.

“You want to have a resonating effect on the students that you reach. Each interaction with students, whether that be a website, an email, a poster or your studio sign should authentically reflect the values of your brand.”


Danielle Joseph, Function Creative Owner + Designer



Challenge: If there is something’s missing, make it.

“I just couldn’t find that perfect tank or tee that you want to wear everyday, so I figured I’ll make it myself!”


– Jess Sternberg, Free Label Co-Founder



Challenge: Say my fears out loud. There’s power in vulnerability.

“Stop listening to the bullshit voices in your head that say you can’t do this or that it’s not going to work out. Say your deepest fears out loud to yourself, your close friends, and your biggest supporters. That voice can be an easy grave for a great idea. You are not alone in thinking that way – so open up and tell someone, because once you say something out loud, you realize how crazy it was to doubt.”


Chesley Long, Camp Yoga Founder



  1. All of these things totally resonated with me Laura! Writing them out to stay accountable.

    Challenge 1: Absolutely on my list. Tackling a bigger social media strategy/plan for FB and Instagram. Periscope has also been on my radar lately. Hoping to try this out with mini branding sessions and yoga classes once my workshop is live!

    Challenge 2: My online workshop is scary haha. It’s been a ton of work, but I’m putting myself out there. I also have another big project coming to life in 2016 that’s really kicking me outta my comfort zone. I’m a pretty private/shy person so being in front of a camera is something TOTALLY new and unknown. Here we goooooo.

    Challenge 3: Another one on my list. And hoping to work with Tony at some point on it. Need some new pics for my websites :)

    Challenge 4: ALWAYS! An ongoing work in progress for me. My challenge this year: to grow my yoga website and build my email list.

    Challenge 5: I’m making my workshop because I don’t think we yoga teachers have enough support around design and branding. Also working on some really fun screenprinting things and personal creativity projects that I think can fall into this category.

    Challenge 6: An ongoing struggle. My fears: putting my work into the world and not making a difference or not hearing a response. Phew. I said it.

    • That last one resonates really strongly with me. For example when I wrote in this post, “add your name to the comments,” I definitely feared receiving no response. But so what, right? I also love Challenge 3, inspired by Tony, because I think he has a very healthy perspective on yoga photography — If you end up working wit him, please share the final product!

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