Interview: Bill Loundy, The Yoke Founder


Bill Loundy The Yoke


Bill Loundy is the founder of The Yoke, an online platform that makes yoga classes more affordable for students, while allowing yoga teachers to keep more of what they earn. Teachers post the details of upcoming classes online, and students RSVP, for simple coordination without the overhead costs of a studio. Bill is a graduate from Stanford University, and has since worked in tech for companies like Contently and Couchsurfing. The Yoke was born out of his passion for the sharing economy, and his drive to create a more affordable and diverse yoga industry.  Continue Reading

SEO Basics: 5 Simple Ways To Rank Higher


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No matter what kind of business you run, you want come up in Google searches that are relevant to you and what you do. Even if you are a yoga teacher working as an independent contractor, you will want your website to come up when a student or studio owner searches your name.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can sound intimidating, but it basically involves finding ways to appear higher up in the results on search engines like Google. Appearing higher up in a search means more traffic to your site, as more people are able to find you easily online. For a yoga teacher, this might mean making sure your website comes up when someone searches your name, or even if they are searching generically for a “yoga teacher in toronto”.

While SEO can become complex and requires some technical knowledge, every one of my recommendations below are things that you can accomplish today. Continue Reading

Interview: Vie Binga, Ask Tim and Vie Co-Founder




I first “met” Vie in a Facebook group for yoga teachers. When Vie volunteered her expertise on being a studio owner (she and her partner Tim have opened 4 yoga studios, 2 private training locations, and a SUP store) I knew I wanted to feature their story. Vie shared with me the lessons they have learned from each studio, and why yoga entrepreneurs should act out of love, rather than fear. Continue Reading

Sharpen the Saw: 25 Ideas for Yoga Teachers


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In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey speaks of Sharpening the Saw.

“If you spend the whole day sawing away and yet never find time to actually sharpen your saw,” he says, “you are doing something fundamentally wrong”.

Sometimes, I still teach classes that feel uninspired — and often it’s because I’ve neglected to keep my saw sharp. Keeping your saw sharp is about preserving and enhancing your skills and assets. And, as teachers, there are so many ways we can invest in our own capabilities.

Continue Reading

Spark Joy in Your Teaching


Spark Joy In Your Teaching


I just finished Marie Kondo’s book, Spark Joy. Kondo is a Japanese tidying expert, most famous and most revolutionary for her simple (yet difficult) task to only keep those things that spark joy for you. If something brings you joy, choose to keep it. If it no longer brings you joy, thank it and say goodbye.

I picked up her book as a contribution to my 2016 intention of being essential.

While the KonMari approach to tidying deals with physical items, I was continuously struck by how they apply to every aspect of our lives, including our own teaching. Continue Reading