October 20th Creative Sparks



I’m listening to a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast Magic Lessons. Listen to this podcast if you love to be in creation. I am thinking a lot about Episode 9: Dear Creativity and Fear, especially the idea that dignity is just another incarnation of fear. Just think about what we can accomplish when we’re not held back by attempting to preserve our dignity.

I loved these 21 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome by Kyle Eschenroeder. Particularly amusing food for thought: “When you were a baby you tried to walk and fell down every time. Were you a walking impostor?”

This month I finished Thrive by Arianna Huffington, but not before highlighting a line on almost every page, turning page corners, and taking notes in my phone.

My friend Stephanie makes these wonderful lists of what’s inspiring her every few weeks, in case you were wondering about the inspiration behind these inspiration posts.

Free Label just launched their first tank top designs in Toronto — not only are their bamboo and organic cotton shirts ethically made in Canada, but their Instagram marketing is gorgeous.

In search of some email zen, I tried Inbox Zero.

I found this podcast on how to master habits based on your personality incredibly interesting.




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